Teddys Eyewear is handcrafted, from start to finish, by skilled artisans in the peripherals of Rome, Italy. Each piece is unique, requiring 8-14 weeks to produce. Only the finest Italian materials are utilized during this process. We care and love for our frames just as much as we care about their story. Refocusing the narrative of eyewear, we prioritize the quality and authenticity behind each eyewear.

The Process

To ensure durability and resistance, the finest Italian acetate is utilized in the process of handcrafting each unique frame. Cellulose acetate comes from cotton plants and wood fibers post treatment, which is then manipulated into sheets. These acetate sheets are placed in a pantograph machine for shaping, spending about 48-76 hours in this machine. The newly shaped frames must undergo a smoothing process in an octagonal tumbler. Our original, age-old machine eliminates imperfections and further smooths the acetate frame. All metal details are secured by hand for precise inspection.