Teddys eyewear is designed with great care using select materials; however, we recommend the following care to better ensure longevity with your frames. Please email if you have questions or concerns

Please store your frames in a dry environment at room temperature when not in use. Avoid storing your frames in direct heat or intense conditions, such as vehicle dashboards  or other inclement locations

To ensure longevity and prevent your frames from stretching, we recommend these frames only be worn to protect your eyes. Please avoid placing frames on your head. It is encouraged to use both hands when applying and removing your frames

Frames can be occasionally cleansed with warm, unscented soapy water. Ensure the metal hinges and all other materials dry before next use.
We highly recommend avoiding chemical cleansers

Secure eyewear in provided case to prevent lens scratches. Dry, microfiber cloths are recommended for lens care, including cleaning and drying. Alternative cloths include 100% cotton materials, however only as an alternative.
We highly recommend avoiding chemical cleansers

Water Care
To prevent sand particle or chlorine damage, we recommend rinsing your eyewear under a stream of clean, warm water prior to cleansing with warm, soapy water. Please follow recommendations listed above to resume cleansing routine